In the past, one article written by one of the writers or thinkers is sufficient to buy a full collection of books, especially if that writer or thinker talks about a particular writer, not another one. Hence, such dedicated articles were a strong start that serves the writer, publisher and author alike. Nowadays, the publishing houses exert many efforts to promote their publications on a wide scale to inform the readers about their new publications, and to present their book to the readers.


If we go back to more than 50 years ago and perhaps more, we can find that the major Arab publishing houses were contracting with Baghdad, Lebanon and Egypt presses to publish their writers' works. They managed to obtain accumulated efforts and experiences, and benefited from what these presses and publishing houses provided for them. Then, they tended to make such active publication mobility in the region.

Nowadays, it is no secret to anyone that there are promising publishing houses owned by young people, which possess a few publications and begin their journey in the world of book industry. They do not have the opportunity to attend and participate in book fairs. Anyone following such publishing houses can see that some of them own young writers having a promising future. In addition, some of them exert new efforts in translating works that enrich the Arab cultural field, but all these efforts and creations will not continue to provide creations due to the high competition and the acceleration of changes in the publishing market, if they do not find support and follow-up, so that they can be effective and influential in the Arab book market.


Through years of efforts and strategies that foresee the future, the Emirates Publishers Association referred in advance to the need for this role and the size of opportunities it possesses, so it launched last year its pioneering project "Manassah" deemed today one of the innovative projects in the Arab publishing industry, which opened horizons for the members of the Association who own less than 20 publications and are unable to participate effectively in local, Arab and international book fairs. Hence, they have the opportunity to present their publications of books through a special pavilion that separately presents a collection of their creative projects to the readers.



The project is considered as a portal that expresses promising ideas towards more spacious and developed horizons, and a key factor in advancing the publishing, as “Manassah” reached 36 publishers so far due to the support it received and paved the way for owners of creative ideas in the fields of publishing to benefit from the experiences of their peers of publishers around the world. It helped to exchange the translations and opened the door for creative people around the world to reach the local book markets and Arab readers.


This march was not done by individual efforts or by coincidence. Rather, it is the result of tireless work, in which various cultural entities and institutions concerned with publishing participated, until the statistics indicated last year that the size of the publishing market in the UAE is expected to reach within the next few years about 650 Million US Dollars, and the number of registered members of the Association reached 165 publishers after it was 39 in less than two years, which proves that we are witnessing a remarkable growth in the field of publishing in the state, and pushes us towards continuing work to upgrade this important industry.


This growing landscape of book industry, knowledge and creativity is proceeding at an increasing pace day after day at the level of the state, region and the world, due to the great belief in the importance of the book, and the need to pass knowledge to future generations to benefit from various types of science. For this purpose, the Association is keen on supporting young Emirati publishers, directing them to build a sector capable of competing globally and at the same time completing the Emirate's cultural project aimed at investing in man and his knowledge to achieve a comprehensive civilization renaissance.