Sheikha Dr. Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan inaugurated the first "Al Ain Virtual Cultural Book Festival", which was launched yesterday evening, and organized by "Al Ain Book Club" under the slogan, "Al Ain has a cultural and historical heritage".

Sheikha Shamma inaugurated the events with a statement, in which she said:  "Today, I am happy to be with you in this intellectual cultural gathering in my city, Al Ain, where I grew up and my relations were expanded. This city has a great historical and cultural heritage, as Al Ain was not created nowadays, but it was established thousands of years ago. The history witnesses that on this spot of UAE desert, there was a human civilization that left for us traces indicating that our heritage in Al Ain represents a cultural accumulation, which is deeply rooted in history and humanity. It was historically characterized by the mixture between the desert, agricultural and mountainous environment, which created a different creative style for the cultural heritage of Al Ain. This aspect had a great impact on the cultural and creative heritage of the people of Al Ain in the past and present. This is the cultural heritage, of which I was keen to be an active part, through my work at cultural and knowledge institutions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, especially through Shamma Muhammad Council for Thought and Knowledge." She added: "Shamma Muhammad Council for Thought and Knowledge launched a new program few months ago, which is called "Ibdaa" (Creativity), which serves as a creative platform to discover and present the creations of members of the Council through meetings across social networks and platforms within our movement to encounter the crisis of "Covid-19" under the slogan, "Knowledge Researchers are not Stopped by Crises". It was a window on creativity, dialogue, exchange of expertise and experiences of cultural and knowledge development. On this occasion, I am pleased to invite you at Al Ain Book Club to participate with us in the platform's activities and events. We open our platform to show the creations of writers and authors of Al Ain through an effective cooperation mechanism between Shamma Muhammad Council for Thought and Knowledge and Al Ain Book Club, so that we can positively contribute to developing cultural and civilizational heritage and enriching the intellectual mobility in Al Ain.