The Arab Children's Book Publishers Forum announced the winners of the Best Children's Book Award for the eighth session / 2021. The winners as per the decision of the jury, are some of outstanding works that met the criteria of the award, namely:


First: Children’s Books Category Age Group (under 12 years old):


1. The book titled (الذي طارت منه الكلمات) (From which the words flew), the publisher: Nour Al Maarif for Publishing and Distribution / Egypt, the writer Muhannad Al-Aqous, and the illustrations by Dr. Amira Al Tababi,


Second: Books for Young People (16-12 years):


2. The book (الملكة سهيلة) (Queen Suhaila): Publisher: Nahdet Misr Publishing House, the writer Rania Hussein Amin.


Third: Best Text Category:


3. The book (أكاد أختنق) (Almost Choking): The Writer Sahar Shehadi, and the illustrations by Atif Abdullah, the publisher: Nour Al Maarif House for Publishing / Egypt.


Fourth: Best Illustration Category:


4. The book (أمل) (Amal), the painter: Haya Halaw, the writer: Amal Nasser, and the publisher: Dar Hikayat Qamar for publishing and distribution / Saudi Arabia.


On this occasion, the President of the Forum, His Excellency Mr. Nasser Asi, and the members of the Board of Directors of the Forum, extended their congratulations and praises to the winners, wishing them to keep on excelling and succeeding, along with their best wishes to all members of the Forum.


Professor Aisha Hamad Maghawour, Secretary General of the Arab Forum of Children's Book Publishers, chairman of the award committee, also expressed delight at this achievement and distinction, while noting that the Forum's award for the best children's book is meant to develop the children's book and prompt publishers to come up with the best, something that helps to engage children to have a sense of book companionship, and to build up their reading skills.


The jury of the award has wrapped up its work over the past few days to judge the competing works in the eighth session of the Arab Forum of Children's Book Publishers Award for the best children's book throughout an array of assessment criteria for this Award that is intended to aid in promoting the creative output of the publishing houses of the forum's members, and the enhancement of their contributions to the areas of Arab children's book publishing.