Forum's Award for the Best Child Book


(Note: This award is for members only)

Dear members of the Arab Forum for Children’s Book Publishers,

The General Secretariat extends to you our best greetings and utmost regards;

We are delighted to announce the opening of nominations for the Forum Award, starting from 16/10/2023 to 18/12/2023.
For details and conditions of nomination, please click on the following link:
For more information, please email us at:, or contact Mr. Mahmoud Hassouna / General Secretariat Office, Tel: 0097165140415

Best regards

To run for the award click here

Children's Books Publishers and Child-Oriented Content Industry

Since the inception of the family, children and adolescents have had their particularities in behavioral, personal, and social interactions, due to the importance and risk that this age group carries

The eloquence of colours and their impact on enriching the imagination of the child

During his educational stages, the child needs to be provided with literary texts that are smooth

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