Forum's Award for the Best Child Book


(Note: This award is specialized for members only)

Members of the Arab Forum for Publishers of Children's Books

We greet you from the Secretariat. Best regards. We send you the most beautiful peace and after:

The Awards' eighth edition (2021) nomination details and conditions  will be announced before the opening of the next Sharjah fair in November 2020. For more information please email us at or contact Mr. Mahmoud Hassouna - Via WhatsApp or direct contact: 00971523497254

Best wishes for success

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Supporting the young people’s publishing houses.. A platform for promising publishers

In the past, one article written by one of the writers or thinkers is sufficient to buy a full collection of books, especially if that writer or thinker talks about a particular writer, not another one. Hence, such dedicated articles were a strong start that serves the writer, publisher and author alike.

Highlights on: Arab Child Literature Awards

Arab Child Literature Awards represent a large part of the attention of Arab publishers and writers alike, as some of them are granted to the writer who creates literature for the child, and others are given to the publisher of this literature. It was obligatory for both sides of the equation to improve their production in form and content to receive one of the Arab child literature awards, whose

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