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Sheikha Bodour Al Qassimi holds a meeting with the Board of Arab Publishers Association

Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qassimi, President of International Publishers Association, emphasized that the Association gives due care for effective and open communication with publisher unions and associations around the world to discuss developments and challenges in the publishing sector and identify new business models in line with developments in the previous phase.

Forum's Award for the Best Child Book


(Note: This award is specialized for members only)

Members of the Arab Forum for Publishers of Children's Books

We greet you from the Secretariat. Best regards. We send you the most beautiful peace and after:

The Awards' eighth edition (2021) nomination details and conditions  will be announced before the opening of the next Sharjah fair in November 2020. For more information please email us at or contact Mr. Mahmoud Hassouna - Via WhatsApp or direct contact: 00971523497254

Best wishes for success

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Characteristics of child literature

Literature directed to the child derives its stereotypical definition from being a kind of literature, and in this sense, it belongs to the family of Arab literatures covered by artistic prose, poetry and narration in its various forms.

The role of the story in establishing the cultural identity of the child

"Children's literature" in general, and the story in particular, plays the role of the impregnable fortress against successive attacks led by satellite channels intended for children, as those channels intentionally and unintentionally act as the carrier who is hardly aware of his role well, so he mixes concepts and visions, which would affect the culture of the child. Their materials and programs

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