Children literature is witnessing an unprecedented momentum both locally and regionally announcing a new era of competition. Publishing houses abundance is a healthy sign of the recovery of this industry, which has for long been neglected by both writers and publishers. This abundance generates competition which in turn grants children, or those who read to them, the opportunity to choose what is best for them. Where previously a reader was forced to settle for what is available due to the lack of better products.

Openness to international cultures and literatures has contributed to enhancing literary taste in children, their parents, and earnest teachers who consider reading and library classes as essential contributors in the educational process not as complementary activities. Therefore, books presented in these classes are now chosen more carefully.

Children are now aware somehow of what is available out there. They learned to compare between Arabic publications and whatever publications in other languages they put their eyes upon whether in school or other resources. Today’s children are capable of comparing books regarding content, style, and writer’s language, as well as artistically; paintings, design, production, font size, etc.

Hence, both experienced and novice publishers are in an extremely sensitive position; being compelled to present today’s children fitting products they deserve. They have to surpass what used to be acceptable a few years ago because today’s children skillfully navigate over Google and YouTube before they even learn to walk or talk.

We are compelled to seek new ideas, regarding content and artistic production and go beyond traditional paper form of books even when presenting paper versions. We are obliged to delve into the world of electronic products from IPads apps to YouTube channels all the way to specialized websites which offer innovative and beneficial content. Therefore, publishers, authors and artists have to cooperate and invest much time and care to produce books capable of competing with the best international book productions.