"Sharjah Book Authority" represented by Department of "Sharjah Public Libraries" signed a cooperation agreement with "British Library and Information Association". This agreement is the first of its kind concluded by the Association with a body concerned with libraries in the Middle East, and aims to consolidate strategic cooperation between the two bodies in various relevant vital areas, which would enhance the efforts exerted for improving the library and information services sector in Sharjah.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Ahmed Bin Rakad Al Ameri, Chairman of the Authority and Professor Judith Brody Preston, President of the Association, in the presence of Nick Paul, the Association's Executive Director; Ayoub Khan, Head of International Business Project Committee of the Association; Sue Williamson, Director of Libraries at Arts Council in UK; and Marcy Hopkins, Director of International Office at the British Library.

According to the agreement, "Sharjah Public Libraries" will cooperate with the Association to consolidate best practices to develop professional standards for the libraries sector, enhance accreditation and quality systems, exchange ideas and views on the various conferences of libraries, enrich the professional experiences of the workers in this field, expand and develop their knowledge, as well as explore potential opportunities for establishing strategic partnerships in the publishing field.

The agreement reflects joint efforts exerted for disseminating culture and knowledge and making information sources available to all members of society as a natural human right, and one of the most prominent goals of United Nations for Sustainable Development 2030, which stress the need to ensure good, equitable and inclusive education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.