Under the slogan, “My Family Reads”, the UAE celebrates today the month of reading of 2021 nationwide, in implementation of the Cabinet’s Resolution, which sets March every year as a national month for reading, in a step that affirms the leadership’s keenness on establishing and stabilizing the UAE’s position as the capital of culture and knowledge, and the preparation of an educated generation able to carry the banner of knowledge and lead the march of sustainable development in the state.


Executive Director of the National Archives, Abdullah Majed Al Ali, said, “The month of reading is an important initiative that reflects awareness of the necessary priorities that are integrated with other coordinated efforts to build the society of knowledge and consolidate practices that support the development of human resource capacities to the maximum possible extent.”


He pointed out that “Rapid response from various state institutions stressed the awareness of the importance of the initiative, as there were many successive projects and ideas that enhance reading opportunities and provide incentives and motives for various groups, especially among youth and children, in order to get involved in this process, which would become soon a habit, to which they will stick, when they discover the great fun and benefits they directly get, along with the advantages and opportunities granted by reading to them.


Ministry of Culture and Youth has chosen the slogan “My Family Reads” for the month of reading of 2021, in order for supporting and strengthening the role of parents in instilling love for reading in children, highlighting its importance and great role in early childhood development, stabilizing it as a permanent society culture and habit among members of society, strengthening its role as a key motive and indicator of family unity and cohesion, as well as focusing on it for fun, exploration and inspiration for children in the UAE society.